Booked-Out Bridal Photographer
Booked-Out Bridal Photographer
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Telephone Script For Photography Consult Call

[Introduction] Photographer: Hello! This is [your name] from [your business] and I'm thrilled to be speaking with you today. Congratulations on your engagement! [client says thank you] How did the proposal happen?!
[Brief Story] Photographer: That’s amazing! What a romantic/funny/ unique proposal! I'd love to learn a little bit more about you and your partner. Could you please tell me your names and share some details about your wedding and any specific ideas or themes you have in mind?
[Listen and Understand] Photographer: That sounds wonderful. Now, let's discuss your vision for your wedding photos. What are the most important aspects or moments you want to capture? Are there any specific shots or styles that you've been inspired by or particularly drawn to? How do you feel in front of the camera?
[Offer Expertise] Photographer: Based on what you've shared, I believe our photography style would be a great fit for your wedding. We specialize in capturing organic and candid moments and telling a unique story through our images. We also love incorporating artistic and editorial elements, creating stunning and timeless photographs.
[Service and Packages] Photographer: 90% of our couples find that an 8 hour package is the perfect amount of coverage to document their wedding day. We recommend 2 photographers if your wedding is over 50 people, and 3 if it’s 250 or more!
[Engagement Session] Photographer: We find that the engagement session goes a long way in making the couple feel comfortable in front of the camera. By the time the wedding day comes, you will be extremely confident in front of the camera and feel natural in the poses. In addition, this is a great opportunity to get to know me, your photographer as I will be with you most of your wedding day!
[Investment and Booking] Photographer: Regarding pricing, our packages start at [mention the starting price]. Once we finalize the details of your wedding day coverage, I will provide you with a detailed quote. To secure your date, we require a signed contract and $1000 retainer. The remaining balance will be due 30 days before your wedding date.
[Client Questions] Photographer: Do you have any other questions I can answer for you?
[Next Steps] Photographer: Fantastic! I'm excited to be considered as your wedding photographer. For the next steps, I will send you an email with the information we discussed today, along with our contract and booking details. Please take your time to review everything let me know if you have any additional questions!
[Closure] Photographer: Thank you so much. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you . Have a wonderful day, and I'll be in touch soon!
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