Booked-Out Bridal Photographer
Booked-Out Bridal Photographer
Module 2: Creating Your Brand Identity

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Different Styles & Approaches to Wedding Photography

Now, let's delve into some examples of target brides that you may come across. It's crucial to recognize their unique tastes and preferences to cater to their needs effectively:
Wedding Styles & Approaches
The Alternative Bride
This bride deviates from traditional norms and embraces a unique style. They may opt for a non-traditional wedding dress, choose a funky venue like getting married at a zoo or on a mountaintop, and seek unconventional experiences like a Vegas elopement.
The Boho Bride
With a love for neutral tones and a whimsical, free-spirited style, this bride gravitates towards beach, golden field, or desert locations for their content and wedding venues. Their vision embodies a bohemian aesthetic and a desire for an intimate and nature-inspired celebration.
The Film Loving Bride
This artsy bride adores the look of grainy photos, enjoys experimenting with different film mediums, and appreciates the use of direct flash. They seek stylish and trendy locations such as NYC streets, chic urban venues, trendy bars, or even vintage cars for a touch of nostalgia.
The Fine Art Bride
This refined bride has a penchant for light and airy photography with a neutral and clean aesthetic. They appreciate a classic and luxurious vibe and prefer venues like museums, Greek architectural buildings, gardens, or the beach as backdrops for their photos.
The Dramatic Bride
Seeking a dark and moody photography style, this bride embraces artistic expression and is drawn to the interplay of light and shadow. Their desire is to capture emotion and depth in their content, leading them to choose dramatic locations like concert venues, historic buildings, or the beach at dusk.
The Ethereal Bride
This bride longs for an ethereal and light-filled look in their photos, evoking a sense of romance and magic. They envision pastel gowns, walks on the beach, and capturing moments resembling those found in romantic comedies.
The Ballroom Bride
With a love for drama and tradition, this bride seeks a photography style that accentuates their glamorous and princess-like vision. Skill in dramatic flash photography and the ability to create perfectly retouched elegant portraits are essential to meet their expectations. Grand ballrooms and ornate venues are their preferred choices.
The Photojournalistic Bride
Preferring a candid approach to photography, this bride values capturing genuine moments and emotions. They may feel uncomfortable posing for photos and instead seek a neutral editing style that highlights candid moments and the action of the day. Natural-looking content without subjects looking directly at the camera is desired.
The Color Loving Bride
Obsessed with bold and vivid aesthetics, this bride embraces a vibrant color palette. They are not afraid to incorporate bright purples, reds, yellows, and other striking colors into their wedding theme, creating a lively and eye-catching visual experience.
The Editorial Bride
With a desire for storytelling through photography, this bride seeks a refined and intentional approach. They appreciate fashion, luxurious details, and travel-inspired aesthetics. Ideal venues include trendy intimate restaurants, countryside estates, luxe beach destinations, or urban rooftops. The emphasis is on capturing both exquisite details and striking portraits.
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