Booked-Out Bridal Photographer
Booked-Out Bridal Photographer
Module 10: Sales Tactics for Wedding Photography

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Developing Effective Sales Techniques & Learning How to Price Your Services

1. Importance of a Selling Process
It establishes you as a professional business and builds credibility with your clients.
It provides efficiency in your operations, saving time, and preventing potential misunderstandings.
It opens opportunities for upselling additional services or products, thereby maximizing revenue.
2. Don’t Show Pricing
Refrain from publishing pricing information on your website as you may need to adjust prices based on market trends or specific client requirements.
Instead, invite potential clients to connect with you for a personalized quote, giving you the opportunity to establish rapport and understand their specific needs.
3. Building Connection and Trust
Sound eager and excited to work with clients but avoid coming off as desperate.
Convey your availability tactfully. Example: "I'm thrilled that we still have your date open at the moment. ‘X’ month is booking rather quickly."
4. Initial Contact and Inquiry Response
Importance of a timely and professional response to inquiries.
How to address client queries effectively and present your services attractively.
Importance of establishing a rapport with the client from the first interaction.
5. Consultation and Booking
How to conduct an effective consultation, asking the right questions to understand client needs and preferences.
Importance of clear and transparent communication about your services, pricing, and contract terms.
How to handle the booking process smoothly and professionally.
4. Qualifying Leads
Qualification questions/ sequence
Be transparent about who will be photographing the wedding - whether it'll be you or an associate from your team.
The decision often depends on the investment amount chosen by the client.
5. Upselling Opportunities
Use the delivery of photos as an opportunity to upsell additional products such as a Wedding Guest Book Album or a wedding album.
Offer time-limited discounts on these additional products to encourage prompt purchases. Example: "Enjoy a 20% discount on a wedding album if you order within 14 days".
6. Contracts and Invoicing
Send a clear and comprehensive contract that legally protects both you and your client.
Request a deposit upfront (example: $1,000) and full payment within a set period (example: 30 days).
Send invoices promptly and professionally.
7. Following Up With Leads
Create a process for following up with leads in a non-pushy manner. This could involve follow-up emails or calls.
Utilize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system like Dubsado, HoneyBook, or Táve to track your leads effectively. These tools can automate certain tasks, making your process more efficient.
Don't neglect leads - even if they didn't book initially, they may consider you for future events or refer you to others.
8. Utilizing CRM for Process Management
CRM tools are crucial for managing leads, keeping track of client communications, and sending out contract and invoice reminders.
These tools provide a centralized system to manage your business processes, making you more efficient and organized.
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